Maintenance Services


Maintenance on a Synthetic turf sports field is greatly reduced from a natural grass field. However it is NOT Totally Maintenance Free!  Regular grooming, sweeping, and de-compaction of infill keeps your field clean of debris, redistributes any infill that possibly migrated from heavy rain and play. Grooming also helps keep the fibers upright maintaining that plush look and extended life.


Field That Needs Maintenance


Debris Collected After a Maintenance Service



     1)    Playground & Field Testing -  G-Max & Performance Evaluation for Safety and Performance of the


             playing surface complete with Certified Test Results performed by independent third party


      2)    Field Evaluations -   Complete Field Inspections includes compaction level, fiber wear, and


             consistency of infill, seam repairs, amount of debris, drainage, nailer board    

 3)     Field Grooming -   Weekly, Tri-Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly, Yearly - Rejuvenates the matted fibers

 4)     Field Repair � Seam, Number, and inlay repairs: Follow standard STC repair procedures

 5)     Base & Drainage Repair

 6)     Synthetic Turf Disinfection Safeguard against infectious bacteria

 7)     Field Painting

 8)     Base Construction 

 9)     Field Installations

10)    Landscape and Playground Construction 

11)    Track Cleaning & Repair

12)    Deep Power Groom: Stand up fibers and Decompacts the infill

13)    Sweeping with magnetizing: Removes unwanted metal or ferrous material from the infill

14)    Emergency repairs: Ability to respond within a 24 hour period

15)    Surface decompaction: Loosen infill and bring G-Max to acceptable STC guidelines

16)    Top Dressing Replenish infill turf to appropriate levels due to migration   

17)    Preventative Maintenance Training Programs







Servicing CA, NV, UT   


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