The Turf Authority uses and offers quality synthetic turf maintenance equipment built in the USA. This equipment is specifically designed for achieving and maintaining maximum consistency and performance from your synthetic turf field.

Drag Broom - is a versatile pull-type brush system specially designed for the proper and efficient distribution of wet or dry top dressing materials on a wide variety of playing surfaces.

The Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer allows fast, efficient, grooming of all infill synthetic sports fields. The unique brush design moves infill material three different directions for every three feet of forward movement, working the infill into low spots and depressions left after play. The Groomer lifts the turf fibers leaving them in a plush, upright position. The Groomer is equipped with 14 super duty blue brushes made from synthetic fiber that retain their original shape, resist wear, and will not deteriorate.

Tine Attachment
- The tine rake attachment is the perfect complement for the drag broom for the maintenance of artificial turf sports fields. Use of the tine rack should only be used by our experienced synthetic turf technicians to help to Decompacts the infill and help maintain a _____ G-max.  The Spring Tine Rake, attached to the rear of the Groomer, consists of 3 rows of 28 tines for thorough coverage. The Spring Tine Rake combs through the infill, relieving compaction, releasing trapped turf fibers, and assuring a safe playing surface.

Sweep-N-Clean - The  SW48-A Sweep-N-Clean, from T.P.I  is specifically designed for cleaning and sweeping artificial turf surfaces. The Sweep-N-Clean will pick up anything, from leaves, loose and broken fibers, and other surface debris. The Sweep-N-Clean is equipped with two brush types, a softer black brush for older more fragile turf and a stiffer white brush for newer fields. It also has a vibrating screen for positive separation, so that crumb rubber is returned to the playing surface and debris is filtered into the hopper for easy removal. With all these features and more, the Sweep-N-Clean is the perfect compact sweeper for grooming and maintaining synthetic turf playgrounds and fields.  and maneuverable pick-up sweeper with big sweeper.

Power Grooming - 

The Eliminator - 
The Eliminator removes the infill material from synthetic turf playing surfaces by using a soft rotating brush lifted to a conveyor belt system and then on to an independent collection unit, which must be driven along side the unit.

The Eliminator is the perfect machine for small repairs, recycling and quick removal of  all synthetic turf systems".







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